I play the call of duty for fun

I play the call of duty to get much joy. Of course, I get much cod gold to proof my experience in the game, including buy call of duty gold, so now I talk some tips about gain much cod gold. 1. Alone is very dangerous, but sometimes very smoothly headphone stand, especially in groups often from a line of attack, the course may also be worse, you may encounter the enemy just learning fine. 2.

Buy cod gold easily, now I will give your some advice. 3. If you already know the door is the most likely place where the enemy, if you have been out the door should be immediately retuned to, if he does not go out and have other brothers and would like to go out, then you should give way. 4. If that brother was killed shows the enemy out there, we can choose the next one volunteer or made grenades out. 5. If you must open a fixed machine gun, then you try to achieve their goals on the left Ergonomic desk, or else you are likely to be the next enemy air frame of reference. 6.

Do not appear in one place many times, surely someone would remember you. 7. With a SMG, muffler is your best choice. You will be the most chic of the emergency hand, if you couple with enhanced sprint, fast changing shells. 8. It does not matter along with teammate who has opened fire in front of the local fire, because your teammates may have annoyed a bunch of enemies, so you will be very pity. 9. Sniper not climbs as high as possible.

The higher the place is often more narrow. Only a grenade up can kill you. 10. If you find an unknown luminous object appears in strange places, not the past, at least more careful custom embroidered patches, or allow other people go there.